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Waterproof trainers to help you enjoy sports in any weather conditions

Don’t let the winter weather stop you from achieving your fitness goals. We have an impressive range of waterproof trainers here at adidas, which have been specially designed to help you tackle the elements. This includes our vast and varied Terrex collection, which features many different makes and models for specific requirements. We have used a number of the latest and most innovative technologies to make certain that our water-repellent trainers provide exceptional comfort every time. Some of our shoes, for example, feature a Continental™ Rubber outsole which sticks to dry and wet surfaces, as well as a durable and low-cut upper so your feet are supported on uneven ground. We’ve ensured that the shoes we design not only battle the elements (and win), but enhance your performance in the process too.

Warmth and comfort delivered with adidas waterproof trainers

The waterproof trainers in our collection have been designed so that you can be comfortable and warm no matter what the conditions are like outside. All of our shoes promise water-repellent and breathable protection, meaning you’re not going to have to let the weather conditions stop you from achieving your fitness objectives. They are also made from durable materials, taking you through many years of use.

Selecting the right waterproof shoes for you

In order to make the most of the waterproof trainers we have available, we advise searching based on your sport of interest and any specific requirements in terms of weather conditions. We have certain shoes that have been crafted with specific activities and sports in mind, for instance our range of specialist hiking trainers that has been created for wear on the toughest terrains. You can also search based on style, as we have everything from classic to bold and vibrant waterproof trainers up for grabs.

Shed water and stand firm, with a pair of adidas waterproof trainers keeping your feet dry in wet and muddy conditions. Made with GORE-TEX linings, high ankles and sock fittings to shed water while you run, our water-repellent footwear are designed to keep you comfortable no matter what. Our waterproof trainers are available in a range of styles to suit running, walking and hiking, to help you take on the world, and laugh off the elements.

Waterproof designs

Our range of waterproof trainers and shoes includes high top ankle-supporting walking boots, running trainers and skateboarding shoes to help you tackle the elements head on. High finishes stop water running down your ankles whilst running shoes feature sock like fits to help keep out the elements. From modern slip on-style running shoes to serious walking boots, our range offers pure modern and classic walking designs to keep you looking good and feeling fine while the rain beats down.

adidas technology

Our waterproof trainers feature a GORE-TEX lining with durable rubber outsoles to take the brunt of rain and water and shed it away from you. Securable lace flaps, gusseted tongues and high top designs keep your ankles from getting soggy. Boost midsole cushioning provides energy returning support that helps push you through each step with ease. Primeknit uppers wrap your foot in adaptive ankle support while high top boots provide strong support.

Step into a supportive pair of waterproof trainers and let the rain wash away, whilst your feet take on any terrain in all conditions. Available in men’s and women’s designs with sizes from 3.5 to 13.5, and with half sizes on offer, our waterproof shoes ensure you get a tight, comfortable fit that won’t slip even in the wettest conditions.