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Snowboarding pants

When you’re about to jump front foot forward on your snowboard, ready to hit the slopes, you want a pair of snowboarding trousers that enable you to move freely while keeping you warm in cool weather. The adidas collection of snowboarding pants includes a variety of styles and fits, including trousers with a loose fit which allow plenty of room for free movement, those with a fitted fit that are comfortably snug and can match every move of your legs, or pants with a regular fit which offer the right balance between snug and loose. Those who want more coverage can go for a bib which also offers a more secure fit.

Confidence on the snowboard starts right here

The features that have been incorporated into adidas snowboarding pants aim at giving you extra confidence as you’re sliding down the hill. This confidence comes from the knowledge that you are adequately protected, thanks to the use of insulating technologies which keep you warm in the coldest weather, side panels that can release extra heat to keep you comfortable, and fabric with a stretchy characteristic which can adapt to your every move. The addition of extra lining material such as Cordura® gives your snowboard pants durability and gives you peace of mind, allowing you to perform at your best.

Protective features

Snowboarding pants from adidas have been equipped with some extra features that aim at increasing your comfort. The presence of a drawcord elastic around the waist gives you a controlled and secure fit, while reinforced cuffs around the ankles help protect your snowboard pants from the edges of the board. The presence of boot gaiters that you can position around your shoes will keep the snow away from your skin, and zip pockets will come in handy if you want to keep a few small items within easy reach as you’re sliding down the hill.