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Outdoor · Hiking

Varilite Hooded Down Jacket
Terrex Free Hiker XPL GTX Boots
Terrex Swift R3 Mid GORE-TEX Hiking Shoes
Terrex AX3 GORE-TEX Hiking Shoes
Terrex Made to be Remade Hiking Pants
Terrex Swift R3 GORE-TEX Hiking Shoes
Terrex Zupahike Hiking Pants
Terrex Zupahike Hiking Pants
Terrex Climawarm Snowpitch Winter Shoes
Multi Primegreen Windfleece Pants
Terrex MYSHELTER PrimaLoft Hooded Padded Jacket
Eastrail 2.0 Mid RAIN.RDY Hiking Shoes
Terrex Hyperhiker Low Hiking Shoes
Terrex Swift R2 GORE-TEX Hiking Shoes
Terrex Tech Flooce Light Hooded Hiking Jacket
Terrex Swift R3 Mid GORE-TEX Hiking Shoes
Terrex Swift R2 Mid GORE-TEX Hiking Shoes
Terrex Swift R3 GORE-TEX Hiking Shoes
Varilite Hybrid Jacket
Multi Primegreen Windfleece Jacket
Terrex Trailmaker GORE-TEX Hiking Shoes
Varilite Down Jacket
Terrex Multi Primegreen Full-Zip Fleece Jacket
Terrex Swift R3 Hiking Shoes
Terrex Snowpitch COLD.RDY Hiking Shoes
Terrex PrimaLoft Insulation Shorts
Terrex Hike Half-Zip Fleece
Varilite Hybrid Jacket
Terrex Swift R3 GORE-TEX Hiking Shoes
Terrex Multisport Beanie
Terrex Swift R3 GORE-TEX Hiking Shoes
Terrex Multi Half-Zip Tee
Terrex MYSHELTER Down Hooded Jacket
Terrex Winter Mid Boa Hiking Shoes
Terrex Multi Primegreen Hybrid Insulated Jacket
Terrex Trailmaker Mid COLD.RDY Hiking Shoes
Terrex Climawarm Snowpitch Winter Shoes
Terrex Multi RAIN.RDY Primegreen 2-Layer Rain Pants
Eastrail 2.0 Mid RAIN.RDY Hiking Shoes
Terrex AX3 Mid GORE-TEX Hiking Shoes
Terrex AX4 Mid Beta COLD.RDY Hiking Boots
Terrex Multi Half-Zip Tee
Eastrail 2.0 Hiking Shoes

Hiking gear that covers all your needs

Every season is hiking season with this selection of adidas trekking gear. If you’re after clothing, you’ll be able to choose from a selection of bottoms including shorts and trousers; tops including t-shirts and sweatshirts; or jackets including windbreakers, water-repellent, and down jackets. Whether you’re a beginner going on short and easy hikes or a pro trying to get to the top, you will also need a pair of shoes that offers adequate support on the various terrains you might encounter, as well as accessories to support you on your quest such as a backpack that can help you carry a few necessities.

Helping you stay on top of your game

The adidas selection of hiking gear was designed to support you every step of the way. This starts with clothing constructed with special fabric that has the ability to wick the sweat away from your body keeping you dry and cool along the way. In the cooler months, lightweight, insulated fabric can trap your body heat, keeping you warm and on the move without having to carry extra weight. When it comes to trekking shoes, support starts with the use of the right outsole such as Continental™ rubber which provides optimal grip on all surfaces, while the right midsole such as EVA will keep your shoes lightweight and flexible.

It’s all in the design

When you’re going hiking, having gear that offers superior design and practical details will make all the difference. Clothing with pockets will allow you to keep a few essential items within easy reach, while water-repellent styles will keep you dry when the rain starts to drizzle. A backpack with an ergonomic back plate allows for better load distribution making it easier to carry, and if you’re planning for hikes that continue into the night, trekking gear with reflective details will keep you visible and safe from harm.