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Get ready to make football history with the ultimate in adidas men’s cleats. Whether dreaming of going pro or merely a fan of indoor club soccer, men’s cleats are the perfect footwear solution to help you take your sporting passions to the next level. With top-quality leather uppers providing a hug of comfort, men’s cleats come with an inner EVA midsole that provides bounce and support with every step. Outsoles range from screw-in metal stud variants to a flat, non-slip boot style. Goalie cleats give superior ball control and have non-marking outsoles, keeping feet firmly locked into position. Whether playing on grass, turf or ground, men’s cleats give you an added advantage, so you can sprint, pass and kick your way to glory.


Plays make the points. Make the most of them by wearing adidas men’s cleats. practise makes perfect, but our shoes perfect the player. Wear them and you’ll get more grip, feel, and comfort than your opponents. Which could mean the difference between going up the podium and going home. History is written by the victors. So, win. Find the perfect cleats for you and choose from a wide range of colours such as black, white, red, yellow, blue and green as well as eye-catching looks like rainbow and neon cleats.

MEN’S football CLEATS

Pogba’s speed, Dybala’s control and Messi’s finesse. Playmakers who are made faster, fiercer and more agile in adidas football cleats. Dare to create like them in iconic silhouettes like Copa or Predator that unlocks skills on the pitch. Adidas cleats bring new technologies that offer an extra dimension of intricate touch, secured fit and natural feel needed to turn plays into points.


There are players and there are legends. Join the latter with our men’s football cleats. Choose between Adizero, the lightest cleat in football or the Freak cleat, designed for the game’s biggest hitters. Adizero is engineered for speed to amplify cuts, pivots and rushes to dominate the line of scrimmage. Freak cleats are made for those who activate in a shoe with low-cut feel and mid-cut support. You’ll turn and stop on a dime, on your way to becoming an icon.