Kakari rugby boots

A potent blend of aggressive traction, lightweight construction and dynamic stability, our Kakari rugby boots were designed to give you superior flexibility and lightning speed for soft ground mastery. Savour the experience.

Innovative Kakari boots revolutionise the soft ground game

From the ultra-sleek silhouette to the avant-garde soleplate, it’s clear that adidas Kakari rugby boots were designed to revolutionise the soft ground rugby game. Synthetic leather uppers envelop your foot while an inner strap holds it securely in place, delivering glove-like comfort and efficient stability. The dual-action soleplate features a raised heel and hollow studs, to generate kinetic tension with enduring flexibility. These properties enable you to generate scintillating bursts of speed and instant changes in direction, to best any defence whilst en route to the touchline. If total domination is the name of the game, strap on a pair of Kakari boots and let fly.

The advantages of Kakari shoes leave no margin for doubt

Charge confidently ahead, knowing the try is already in hand as soon as you touch the ball. Our Kakari shoes offer the sublime advantages of reduced weight and efficient grip, whilst opposing players are bogged down by the soft turf. Work out your techniques on the training grounds, and then use them to devastating effect when you suit up for action. Forwards, don’t leave any margin for doubt when the game is on the line. If success favours the prepared mind, then your talent, training, teamwork and our Kakari rugby boots are all you need.

adidas Kakari collection; sparkling colours for global demand

Due to the increasing popularity of rugby union competitions worldwide, the adidas Kakari collection includes products for men, women and juniors. Every pair is adorned with our signature 3-Stripes emblem – get yours in Silver Metallic, Cloud Black or sparkling Solar Red on Acid Yellow and experience fluid mobility with enduring comfort on each stride. We’ve also made them easy to clean; you can check the care instructions on each item to see the recommended method.