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Swim goggles

Any serious swimmer can’t head to the swimming pool without having a pair of swimming goggles amongst their swimming accessories, and the adidas collection offers a wide range of styles suited to both adults and kids. Dive into the water in confidence knowing you will have 180 degrees of vision, both inside the water and out. You can opt for the regular style of goggles, you can go for the sunglasses look, and for those who normally wear prescription glasses, adidas has optical goggle lenses that can be bought separately, choosing the appropriate dioptre for each eye from the nine that are available.

Optimum comfort and protection

When using one of the adidas swim goggles, you can rest assured that your eyes are fully protected from the sun, thanks to the lenses that have been equipped with UV protection. They have also been treated to a special ANTIFOG finish to ensure clear vision at all times, both under the water and above. adidas swimming goggles offer their users maximum comfort through adjustable back straps that can be adjusted for the best fit, as well as nosepieces that can conform to multiple sizes and shapes to ensure comfort around the nose area.

Goggles to suit every need

Whether you are after swim goggles for leisure lap swimming, for training or for a competitive swim, you will find a suitable pair amongst the adidas collection. Choose a classic pair of googles, a style with mirrored lenses, or goggles that offer optical vision. Regardless of the style you are after, you will be swimming with clear vision thanks to the moulded silicone surrounding the lenses that seals around your eyes and prevents the water from coming in. For a complete set of accessories, choose the swim set that includes swimming goggles with a swim cap, ensuring protection for your hair and your eyes with every swim.