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Water sports goggles

Be at the top of your game when you’re in the water with these water sports goggles from adidas. Whether you’re a competitive swimmer trying to set new PBs, a water polo player looking to make your mark on the game, or simply a recreational swimmer who wants to have the best gear while keeping fit, these goggles have everything you need for making sure you’re fully equipped when you hit the water. For total comfort and a wide field of vision that stays clear, update your kit with adidas.

Prepared for anything

With this collection from adidas, you never have to compromise when it comes to water sports goggles. Outdoor swimmers can benefit from UV-protected lenses that are also finished with ANTIFOG technology, keeping your vision crystal clear for the duration of your swim. Take your pick from tinted or mirrored lenses and models that are designed principally for comfort or for offering you a full 180-degree field of vision. With adjustable straps and nosepieces, you can also enjoy the most innovative swimwear technology while remaining in total comfort.

Swim gear essentials

Goggles are an increasingly important piece of kit for everyone who takes part in water-based activities. You can keep your eyes protected from salt water, chlorine and bright sunshine, while custom-made lenses offer vastly improved clarity, letting you keep an eye on your competition or simply on your surroundings. Young athletes can also equip themselves with the very best as kids’ goggles are also available, with different models for both casual and competitive swimmers. And with an increasing range of models available, you can also find a pair of goggles that matches your swim gear for an ensemble you can be proud to wear. These water sports goggles from adidas are the perfect finishing touch to your kit bag.