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Goalkeeper Sports and Training Wear

Gloves are one of the essential pieces of goalkeeper training equipment, and adidas offers styles that deliver the protection you need for training, playing in different weather conditions, and for use during intense games. Goalkeeper gloves need to fit your hand properly, and adidas offers a variety of sizes for men, women and kids. Each part of these goalkeeper gloves protects a different area of your hand, so you can focus all your attention on the match knowing your hands are secure.

Choosing gloves with texture and padding

It’s important for a top goalkeeper to be able to stop and catch the ball even when wearing the bulk of goalkeeper training equipment. This means that gloves need to have a grippy texture to help stop the ball from slipping through your fingers – a feat achieved with a palm area coated in a grippy layer of latex or other textured material. The ball can also hit the goalkeeper with a fair amount of intensity, so a cushioning layer of padding is vital for hand protection. Meanwhile, the back of the gloves is crafted from breathable fibres, like knit or mesh. Knit allows for greater flexibility while creating a snug fit that supports the fingers and wrist. The punching zone on gloves is also crafted from a thick layer such as silicone, to provide additional support and cushioning.

Design elements that enhance your game

The gloves included in the adidas range of goalkeeper training equipment have design elements like a bandage-style wrist cuff, detachable strap and negative cut. The bandage style wrist cuff lets you adjust the cuff for a snug, secure fit, meaning your gloves stay on your hands for as long as you want them to. A detachable wrist strap puts you in total control – only you decide when you feel locked in and when you want to be free of the gloves. The negative cut of some gloves also enhances the snug feel of wearing them and helps to protect your fingers.

Save after save, with adidas goalkeeper training equipment

Stay alert and keep saving those goals with top goalkeeper gear from adidas. Designed for tough football matches with every type of climate in mind, both indoor and outdoor football goalies will be protected and covered with top-quality gloves and gear. Keep hands sting-free with well-fitting, grippy flexibility in your fingers. Choose from latex or silicone reinforcement to keep those balls bouncing away. With a collection of goalkeeper training equipment from youths and adults, you’ll be padded up appropriately to save the day.