Down Jackets

Down and quilted coats and jackets from adidas offer the ultimate in warmth and comfort. With their superb design, relaxed fit and extra features, you don't have to compromise on style when you're out and about this winter. Our down jackets will keep you exceptionally warm, even on the coldest days, thanks to the goose and duck down filling that creates air pockets to trap body heat and stop the cold air getting in. adidas quilted coats are great for everyday wear, but we’ve also got a wide selection that are ideal for taking part in winter sports, as well as playing football, cycling and golfing through the colder months. Get yourself a down jacket that’s waterproof if you’re planning on a lot of all-weather walks, or a lightweight design that’s great for staying both active and warm.
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Down and quilted coats and jackets

Staying active in winter is a matter of having the right jacket that keeps you warm and comfortable, and you can’t go wrong picking your favourite style from this adidas collection of down and quilted coats and jackets. Available in relaxed fits that allow enough space for movement and casual comfort, or slim fits that give you a snug feeling and a modern look, you will be able to choose from a variety of designs from classical colours to funky prints. And if you can’t decide between the two, choose a reversible down coat that offers the best of both worlds.

Keeping you warm with the latest technology

In order to achieve lightweight warmth, every style in this selection of down and quilted coats and jackets is filled with duck down or goose down. For added warmth, a percentage of feathers is included. A special adidas insulating technology is used to help trap your body heat and keep you naturally warm, while a water-repellent treatment that is PFC-free will keep you dry and safe from chemicals. Staying visible is very important especially if you like to be out and about after the sun sets, so some quilted jackets have been incorporated with reflective details to keep you safe.

A personalised style

Down and quilted coats and jackets by adidas have been incorporated with adjustable details that will help you achieve a personalised fit. These include the inclusion of an adjustable hem so you can control the fit of you down jacket around the waist, or a detachable hood so you can achieve the look of your choice in any type of weather. The presence of a dedicated media cord pocket enables you to stay connected while you’re on the go, while some styles are easy to transport thanks to the presence of carry straps or the ability to pack them in their own pocket.

Down Jackets Frequently Asked Questions

The main difference between down jackets and puffer jackets is what the insulation in the coat is made from. Down jackets always contain either duck or goose down, while puffer jackets often contain synthetic insulation materials. Some puffer jackets contain down though, so can be considered down jackets.
Quilted coats have been around for a long time, and remain popular year after year. A lot of this popularity is due to their unique combination of warmth, comfort and style.
Down jackets are certainly amongst the warmest options available. The down of ducks or geese (the fluff beneath the feathers) is used to insulate the jackets because it creates lots of small air pockets which trap warmth within the jacket. The result is a lightweight coat that provides a very high level of warmth.