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adidas breathable shoes

Stay ahead of the pack with these forward-thinking kicks. Fabrics in the adidas collection of breathable shoes have been carefully selected and linings bolstered to provide optimal ventilation throughout the day. Many styles feature predominantly mesh uppers or at least mesh overlays, which allow airflow through the connected strands of material. Lightweight and durable, mesh forms to the shape of your feet and creates a sock-like feel. Uppers are also made with canvas and suede, offering a sturdier structure that still allows the foot to breathe. Whether you need something agile and thin or bulky and strong, there’s an adidas breathable shoe for you.

Small details that make all the difference

OrthoLite® sockliners have been cleverly inserted into the insoles of adidas breathable shoes. The cushioned foam helps deliver a soft landing on every step, while also providing anti-microbial protection to ensure a healthy environment for your feet. The insole absorbs sweat as it’s produced, creating a dry surface that is less likely to attract stinky odours. adidas breathable shoes boost airflow between different layers too, and sacrifice no performance along the way. You’ll feel light on your feet in a pair of these trainers, and ready to tackle anything in your path.

Functionality and long-term support

Whether you’re going for a run or heading off to work, it’s important to have confidence in your footwear. The adidas range of breathable shoes ensures maximum ventilation and creates a dry, healthy base for hardworking feet. With these clever designs, you can stay focused on the things that really matter without worrying about sweat build-up and overheating. Choose from a range of styles that cover day-to-day casual wear as well as sport-specific models suited to running, golf, tennis, skateboarding and the gym. Versatile and durable, these trainers can be worn in a range of settings and don’t have to be relegated to your sports bag. With designs made to fit men, women and kids across a broad selection of sizes, there’s an adidas breathable shoe for every foot.