Basketball Tracksuits

Basketball tracksuits have been designed with you in mind, so they’re lighter and sturdier than before, insulating and regulating the heat so your muscles stay warm and you stay ready.

Basketball tracksuits to warm you up

Every athlete knows that warm-ups are an important part of the preparation. adidas basketball tracksuits have been designed to protect you so you’re always ready to play. A mixture of polyester and cotton comes together in a warm-up jacket, worn over a pair of tracksuit pants and some sneakers. If you’re training in the rain, there’s AEROREADY technology to look after you, stopping your muscles from getting cold. If you want to move faster around the court, couple your tracksuit with a pair of shoes with Bounce tech, for a little more responsiveness.

Basketball jackets to play your best

These basketball jackets by adidas are made by the best and used by some of the world’s top athletes. All tracksuit pants are insulating, but jackets are just as important a part of basketball tracksuits. You’ll find cotton tops designed for a cool summer afternoon, while other jerseys come with COLD.RDY technology and are much better suited to a chilly winter. During the hotter days, check out the track jackets. They’re made using tricot fabric that gives them a little shine while adding a little more comfort. Grab a pair of track pants and basketball shoes and you’ll be ready to go.

Engineered to last

Basketball tracksuits were designed by adidas to help you shine on and off the court. Moisture-wicking technology like AEROREADY is there to keep you dry, whether you’re on the court or caught in the rain. Shoes are designed with optimum grip whether you’re playing or not. Show up on game day looking and feeling your best with a training hoodie and track pants to keep you warm. And you can’t go wrong with a pair of basketball shoes to go with the tracksuit.