Basketball Shorts

Anyone who plays knows that basketball shorts are a must-have, so choosing the right one is crucial. The adidas range offers superior comfort and functionality, designed to keep you winning.

Basketball shorts for a brand-new level

The basketball shorts by adidas range is an ideal choice for men and women, offering a combination of lightweight and breathable material that’s incorporated into the fabric with moisture-wicking fibres. There are pairs of reversible shorts that have been designed with different fabrics, so you can benefit from a more durable material when you’re playing the longer games or a material that’s lighter and more breathable when you’re feeling fresh. One way to take your game even higher is to grab a pair of adidas basketball shoes with Bounce technology, for even more comfort and response.

Basketball pants: part of the winning formula

Whether you play for fun or play for keeps, the one thing we all have in common is that we want to win. Basketball pants are essential, and choosing the right pair is why adidas delivers quality shorts designed to keep players comfortable – so they can focus on the game. AEROREADY technology offers moisture-wicking fabric that’ll keep you dry, while technologies like COLD.RDY is incorporated to insulate the body when it’s cold. Our brand is committed to designing the basketball shorts that you need, with more ventilation, moisture absorption, durability and lighter materials.

Only the start

All players, from the heavy dunkers to the streetballers, rely on shorts. The adidas range of basketball shorts offers various colours and styles that incorporate different technologies, and they look good while doing it. Whether you’re on the court or at a private picnic, these shorts are comfortable and stylish enough to wear anywhere. Once you’ve got the shorts, you’ll have the choice of basketball shirts and shoes to round off your gear. Check out the reversible women’s jerseys if you’re playing outdoors; otherwise, stick with a thinner game jersey.