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Women Golf Pants Frequently Asked Questions

There are differences between golf pants and dress pants. Golf pants are designed for performance and comfort, whereas dress pants are meant to be more formal and stylish.
Golf trousers are specifically designed for golf, with features such as moisture-wicking technology and stretch fabric, as well as a slimmer fit and elasticated waistband to keep your golf polo shirt tucked in while playing. Normal trousers don’t have these features and may not be as practical or functional for golf.
Technically you can wear women's normal trousers for golf, but they may not offer the same level of comfort and flexibility as trousers specifically designed for golf. We recommend choosing suitable golf trousers to enhance performance and comfort on the green.

Feel great and move freely

Your clothes should always help, not hinder your game. When it comes to designing golfing attire adidas always puts movement first. That's why we've designed our golf trousers with plenty of stretch so you can make use of your full range of motion and swing effortlessly. adidas uses four way stretch fabric so that you can free yourself from the distraction of chafing or too-tight fabric and focus on getting that perfect shot.

The right golf trousers for all conditions

No matter the weather conditions, if you're going out to play, adidas has a pair of ladies golf trousers that will support your play. If you're getting out when the temperature drops we have ladies golf trousers with COLD.RDY technology that helps trap heat and keep out wind and rain so you can stay warm even during a chilly early morning round. For sunny days you might prefer a pair with ankle or cropped length and you can take advantage of our UV 50+ factor. We also have options with moisture-absorbing fabrics so you can stay dry in all conditions.

Get style and substance with women's golf trousers

When it comes to golf trousers women can feel great in adidas knows form and function are crucial. adidas has a range of different options to fit such as tracksuit bottoms with tight cuffs or full length, ankle and cropped lengths. Whichever pair of ladies golf pants you choose you'll find little touches that help make it work, such as zip pockets to keep your items safe, elastic or drawcord waists for a comfortable fit and secret ball pockets at the waistband.