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A polo golf shirt for any game

Don't let the weather dictate your performance. For hotter days on the green, pick short-sleeved polo shirts with moisture-absorbing technology made with lightweight, breathable fabrics. The UV+50 factor protection in these polo shirts is a must, especially for the summer months.  On cooler days, stay cosy and dry with a long sleeve brushed thermal knit that still allows for a full range of motion.

Look to the part and play like a pro


Dress code on a golf course is a mark of a professional player. Get the latest styles for the course and the golf wardrobe favourites that adidas is known for. For a classic pro golfing look, we recommend picking up a golf polo shirt for a classic style, with or without buttons on the polo collar. This range comes in a variety of fabulous prints and statement styles, which take a classic golfing shirt look to the modern arena. Turn heads as you display your skills and your personality.

Get the best from your adidas golf polo shirts

It is not a question of when you should wear a polo golf shirt; they're a perfect balance of smart, functional and athletic, making them a staple for every golf game. Maintenance is key to keeping them looking fresh and getting the most usage out of them. Wash with mild detergents to avoid damaging the fabrics and fading the prints and colours. Remove them from the washing machine immediately after washing and allow them to air dry. If you do want to dry clean them, do so on the lowest heat available.

Golf Polo Shirts Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, polo shirts offer a classic, stylish and functional look that is perfect for golf. adidas golf polo shirts feature Climacool technology that wick away moisture so you stay cool, comfortable and dry on the green.
The best materials for golf polo shirts are lightweight and breathable. adidas uses a range of high-performance materials in their golf shirts, which ensure maximum comfort and performance on the course.
For games of golf, polo shirts should be comfortable without being too tight or loose. adidas golf shirts come in a range of fits, including regular, slim and relaxed. Choose the fit that best suits your personal preference and style of play.