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Slip On · Shoes

Slip on. Slip off. Discover the sheer joy of adidas slip-on shoes in designs for men, women and children. Not only do they come in a multitude of styles and colours but these iconic designs are packed with adidas innovation and technology for the comfiest wearing experience yet. Slip-on kicks are easy to pull on and off and give a locked-down, secure fit that keeps your feet fast and your hands free. No trailing laces or need for double knots. Summer slip-on footwear in soft, high-quality materials doesn't rub and fits snugly to avoid uncomfortable toe-clenching on lengthy walks. From styles for poolside summer fun to specialised designs for your favourite sport, our slip-on shoes enjoy the full power of adidas advanced materials with an emphasis on comfort, support and protection.
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Enjoy benefits of technologies in slip-on shoes

Get ready for a range of activities, with the slip-on shoes range from adidas. Offering a selection of advanced technologies which protect your feet, you’ll stay comfortable for longer. Sweat-wicking materials ensure moisture is soaked up, so you stay dry. Quick-drying fabrics in the shoes mean that if you step in the puddle, you won’t stay wet for long. You can keep cool for the duration with breathable designs that stop your feet from overheating. Grip and spikes enhance traction, so you can stay on your feet until you decide otherwise. Lightweight designs ensure that no matter which sport you play, you’ll never be weighed down by your shoes.


Laceless shoes for a range of activities

No matter what activity you need laceless shoes for, we’ve got you covered. Choose a pair of slip-on mountain bike shoes if you’re heading out on your bike. Pick laceless hiking boots if you’re hitting the hills. Or opt for slip-on football boots for when you’re taking to the field. With a range of waterproof and water-resistant options, you’ll be protected from the elements for the duration of your activity. Additional touches in slip-on shoes, such as reflective details to keep you seen from dawn until dusk and insulation for when you’re exercising in winter months, and you’ll be all set to go.


Our sustainable shoes for all the family

With a range of slip-on shoes for men, women and children, you can ensure all your family’s feet are protected. With much of our range being produced in an environmentally friendly way, we’ve reduced the carbon emission released during the manufacturing of our shoes. Using recycled materials, such as ocean plastic, we’ve also helped to remove waste from the environment. It’s easy to care for your shoes, too; check the individual care instructions of each item to see how best to wash and dry them.

Slip On Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

When you wear your slip-on shoes depends on what you’re doing. The adidas range features many different styles for different occasions. Summer slip-ons are great for the pool or the beach while many slip-on shoes are designed for specific sport. The adidas collection also features many laceless shoes that can be worn every day.
A pair of slip-on shoes will have minimum fastenings and be easy to take off and put on. This can come in the form of open summer shoes you slide your feet into, or enclosed shoe styles with hook and loop fastenings or a simplified lace structure.
When it comes to adidas slip-on shoes they’re designed with high-quality materials and advanced technologies to ensure they are suitable for walking. Our range is well-designed with sufficient arch support for walking.