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Genuine protection offered by adidas reflective jackets

Purchasing jackets is no longer confusing. You have a wide range of options available at adidas. Need a jacket that keeps you warm and offers good visibility at night? Warmth, protection and high-quality sum up the description of the new adidas reflective jacket. Whether you are going for a walk at night or you are up for a cycling trip through poorly lit areas, keeping safety is important. Unfortunately, a lot of accidents occur just because of less visibility on roads. Everyone is in a hurry these days. It is up to you to make sure that drivers spot you on time and adidas is here to keep you covered.

You get more than you ask for - buy the adidas reflective jacket

Shopping time? Then don't hesitate to check out the thrilling collection of adidas reflective jackets. Want to feel warm and protected at the same time? Here at adidas, we have the perfect solution. If you are working on high-risk construction zones, railway premises and other dangerous areas, always remember that your life is valuable. adidas treasures its customers and has put great thought into designing the perfect protective wear with high visibility.

Ready for adventure – adidas reflective jackets keep you company

Who doesn't get the urge to go off on a biking trip amongst mountains and unknown territory? Life is short and has to be experienced to its fullest, and adidas reflective jackets are always with you on your adventures. Customer satisfaction is given key significance when designing every jacket. Light wear, easy to maintain, longer life, extreme protection – this is what adidas reflective jackets strive to offer. Successful products lead to happy customers. Happy customers are family to adidas. Your lives are precious and this is our main concern.

Reflective Jackets Frequently Asked Questions

The main aim of a jacket that’s reflective is to ensure that the wearer is seen in the dark or in poor-visibility conditions such as heavy rain or fog. The materials that are used in the jacket reflect light, making them shine out and become highly visible. This is particularly useful when a car with its headlights on is approaching and you are on foot or cycling.
Reflective jackets may also be known as high-visibility or hi-vis jackets.
A 360-degree reflective jacket is one which reflects light back from any angle. For example, whether car headlights are shining at the front, back or sides of the jacket, the light will reflect from it and make the wearer seen. This is particularly recommended if cycling at night, or running on unlit country roads.