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Pink swimwear

Be it in the pool or out on the beach, having a nice pair of swimwear is a must for women who love adventures. With a sporty lifestyle that includes frequent swims, having proper swimwear like a bikini is vital in having a fun and fulfilling dip in the water. And when it comes to creating premium pink swimwear products with great features, adidas has some of the finest ones that you can buy. We have pink swimwear like our Solid Beach Bikini that doesn’t just look awesome, but also well-crafted. This pink swimwear item features a string construction that is fully adjustable to your desired fit. The long straps on the top and bottom are fully elastic for effortless size adjustment. This will also offer you great comfort and confidence knowing that the straps won’t accidentally come undone. So, if you love pushing yourself hard with every stroke, this is the perfect beach or pool swimwear to own.

Swim in comfort, style and confidence

With such a sporty activity as swimming, it’s important to wear something that doesn't just offer outstanding comfort, but also a sense of confidence. This is what you can expect when you get our pink bikini swimwear set. Unlike other swimwear products that are made from inferior materials, we make our pink swimwear using a stretchy tricot fabric that is soft to the touch and super durable. We manufacture these bikinis with an active and sporty wearer in mind. They feature easily removable pads and fixed straps below the bust area that provide excellent support, comfort, and a sense of security. Finally, the straps and attachments on our pink swimwear have a subtle contrast that makes them visually appealing. These bikinis are absolute must-haves for any girl who wants a piece of swimwear that packs in a lot of excellent features.