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Men Trackpants Frequently Asked Questions

Grey track bottoms are a versatile choice that pairs with almost anything. You can pair with your favourite oversized tee and fresh kicks for a crisp looking sporty style. The trend for narrower legs keeps your fit neat so you can easily switch things up with a jacket, shirt and slip-ons.
If your track bottoms have lost their shape, you may be able to wash them in a way that restores its shape. Fabrics like nylon and polyester can be coerced back into shape with a hot wash. Dry flat or you can promote a bit of shrinkage with a bit of careful tumble drying. Don’t put them in the dryer and forget about them. Dry at intervals and keep checking them to avoid causing any damage.
Jogging bottoms have become an icon of crossover fashion with new silhouettes taking the place of jeans and chinos. Tapered legs and fashion-forward silhouettes mean you can still embrace a casual style by pairing them with tees and trainers – but you can style things up too. Wearing joggers with a denim jacket and a short-sleeve shirt looks good around town, or opt for espadrilles, smart trainers or loafers on your feet.