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Weather cant hold you back!

Golfing jackets for men make sense as a must-have accessory for multiple types of weather conditions so you are always prepared to finish your round. UPF50 is a technology that will protect your skin from harmful sun rays on hot summer days, while water repellent jackets keep you insulated and drip-free on the outside and on the inside through sweat-wicking fabrics. All the men's golfing jackets maintain the breathable lightweight support you have come to expect from our sportswear.

Men's golfing jackets maketh the golfing man!


If you are putting on a WIND.RDY golfing coat for gusts of wind and strong breezes, or a full zip frost guard jacket in the early hour winter morning tee-offs, you can be happy in the knowledge that our range has features to keep your mind on that hole in one with no distractions. Choose a jacket with pockets to keep your range finder or extra tees in and always be prepared while keeping your hands warm and dry. For ultimate protection during cold climate games, an adjustable hooded jacket with COLD.RDY technology is an all in one solution.

Look after your jacket so it can look after you

For the first step to cleaning your golfing jacket, we recommend that you brush off any loose mud or dirt before you pop the jacket into the washing machine. To protect golfing jackets from being damaged or worn out in any way, avoid using strong harm detergents or fabric softeners when washing. Remember to hang up your newly washed jacket to be able to air dry as soon as the washing cycle is finished.