Handball clothing

You can enjoy enhanced comfort, with handball clothing from adidas. Moisture-managing properties keep you dry from start to finish and breathable materials help you remain cool, whereas lightweight materials keep you moving.

Benefit from technologies in the handball clothing line

Take your game up a level, with our handball clothing line. Boasting a variety of advanced technologies that help you avoid distractions that unsuitable clothing can cause, you’ll be able to focus on winning the next point. Sweat-wicking fabrics ensure you stay dry by soaking up moisture when you perspire, and breathable materials promote ventilation between your body and clothing, keeping you cool from start to finish. Meanwhile, lightweight and stretchy designs allow you to move naturally and quickly around the court without being inhibited.

Handball clothes for all levels of athlete

Whether you need handball clothes for a big game, a gym session or leisure activities, our collection is suitable for all activities. With a range of clothing for men and women, such as t-shirts and shorts, you’ll be able to deck yourself out to step out in confidence. The handball clothing line offers style and substance, so you can utilise your gear on and off the court. Finer details in the range, such as heat-transferred crests to reduce chaffing, mean you’ll be good to go.

Iconic sportswear that’ll last the distance

With the iconic 3-Stripes of adidas etched into every item of clothing, you can rest assured that quality is of the highest standard. Our clothing is made from high-quality materials too, so you can expect your item to last the distance. For best results when cleaning, follow the instructions on the care label, which will tell you how best to wash and dry your clothes. You can use a mild detergent when cleaning, but avoid fabric softener, as it can negatively impact the sports technologies.