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Bring out the young sports star in you with adidas girls running shoes

Our adidas girls running shoes can help propel those sporting skills to the next level, helping guide development while simultaneously ensuring the utmost comfort. We have a wide range of attractive designs, colours, and styles, perfect for a budding young sports star in the making. You’ll be the talk of the school, combining all-day comfort whilst looking the part.

Our range of girls running shoes are perfect for sports and everyday activities

Our range of adidas girls running shoes is the ideal choice for sports and everyday activities, whether school sports day or going to the cinema with friends and family. The feel of all-day comfort, no matter what the day holds, won’t go unnoticed, and when you’re home, they won’t want to take them off. Our adidas running trainers help provide style, comfort, and confidence so you won’t feel left out.

Keep your running shoes in good condition, and you can wear them all day, every day

Here at adidas, we provide you with easy-to-follow instructions to take care of your girls running shoes. When cleaning, remove any excess dirt and mud with an old toothbrush, and use a damp cloth to wipe away any remaining marks. Use a light detergent and warm water to tackle any stubborn stains. Take out insoles and laces, place them inside a pillowcase and add to a delicate wash cycle. Leave them to dry inside at room temperature but avoid direct sunlight as this can warp the running shoe’s outer sole.