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Get great traction with adidas field hockey shoes

Whether you’re an elite player or just starting out, selecting the right shoes for field hockey is essential. Good midsole cushioning is important for shock absorption, as well as non-slip soles so you can sprint comfortably. Field hockey shoes by adidas are lightweight, stable and supportive with an EVA midsole to cushion your stride. Breathable mesh uppers help to improve ventilation while rubber outsoles grip the pitch so you can change direction quickly. To prevent injuries, TPU caps and synthetic overlays offer impact protection across the toes. Available in sizes for kids and adults, adidas has a wide range of excellent footwear options for field hockey enthusiasts.

Stay light on your feet with adidas field hockey trainers

Field hockey is a physically demanding sport that tests stamina, speed, strength and coordination. Hockey players require shoes that are lightweight and breathable while offering full protection for their feet. To avoid injuries from contact with sticks, balls and opponents, adidas trainers are constructed with TPU toe caps and padding around the tox box that help to soften the force of impact. adidas field hockey trainers are designed for use on the artificial surfaces, such as artificial turf, that hockey is predominantly played on in today’s age. Rubber soles have a harmonic pattern for an unbeatable non-slip grip, complemented by synthetic overlays that offer added support for sideways movements.

Function and form for high-performance play

The superior construction of adidas field hockey shoes allows players to sprint, twist and turn with ease. Lace closures ensure a custom fit while the sock-like construction hugs the foot, keeping sand and dirt out of your shoes. Rubber outsoles support multidirectional movement while cushioned ankle support is essential when you’re changing direction at top speeds. Soft, textile lining adds extra comfort. Field hockey shoes by adidas are available in a range of attractive colours so you stand out on the pitch.