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Our adidas winter coats and parkas will keep you dry and warm and looking smart this winter. A combination of stylish designs and robust waterproof fabrics ensure that you can go about your business as usual, even in the wettest and chilliest of conditions. Our impressive range of winter coats includes features such as reflective detailing to ensure you are seen in low light, wind-resistant options to keep you protected from the icy chill and packable versions to keep at the ready in your car or backpack. Our adidas coats for winter also come with pockets to keep your hands warm and your essentials nearby. For extra security for your items choose a winter coat or parka with zip-close pockets.
Y-3 Black Y-3 Wool CoatY-3 Black Y-3 Wool Coat
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Y-3 Wool Coat


Coats & Parkas Frequently Asked Questions

While traditional winter jackets generally only extend as far as your waist, parkas feature a longer length that extends below your hips. Many parkas extend as far as your knees or upper thighs, providing extra warmth to your legs when you're out braving the elements.
The word “parka" is thought to come from the Nenets language, translating as “animal skin".
Because parkas provide insulation over more surface area, they're generally warmer than jackets—though the amount of insulation will vary between different models.