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Casual fans think boxing is all about the fists; the pros know to always focus on the feet. For impeccable footwork and effortless movement around the ring, you can trust in adidas boxing shoes.

We offer boxing boots in a variety of designs and styles, allowing  you to express yourself without compromising on performance. Trust in the 3-Stripes and you can stay light on your feet while being heavy with your hits.

Key features of the adidas Boxing Shoe collection:

·       Made of durable and lightweight materials for added comfort and enhanced performance.

·       Streamlined shoe structure and stability straps to keep your feet supported.

·       Reinforced toecaps for long-lasting wear

·       A range of boxing footwear styles and colourways on offer, from traditional hi-tops to classic boxing trainer shoes.

·       Most of our boxing shoes are suitable for both training and competition wear.

·       All shoes are made from recycled or partly recycled materials.

Option to personalise the Box Hog 2.0 & Speedex Boxing Shoes


Because there's nothing more important than staying nimble and alert while in the ring, adidas Boxing Boots have been designed to support every possible type of movement you might need before the final bell.

Expert tip: If you’re seeking a light boxing shoe that helps you dart around quickly in the ring, then something from the Speedex collection may do the trick.


Boxing boots are a training essential, but you can maximise your comfort and performance with additional boxing clothing and equipment.

For example, choosing the right socks to complement your boxing footwear is important. Cushioned ankle socks can provide the extra support you need when you’re on your toes.

You can also find lightweight clothing suitable for training, pre-training and tournaments. However you beat them, adidas is in your corner. 

Boxing Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re just learning to box you can wear sports shoes like running shoes for boxing. But when you start getting serious about boxing or boxing competitively, shoes designed specifically for the sport can improve your performance.
If they’re your shoes, you can do whatever you like. But boxing shoes are made for the ring and will be uncomfortably thin on hard surfaces like concrete. They’re made with sufficient grip for canvas surfaces. And they will wear out quickly.
Boxing is more comfortable when you wear boxing socks. Socks absorb sweat, help prevent blisters and keep your boxing shoes clean and fresh.