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The 2 Key Technologies That Make the adizero Range Our Fastest Ever

What makes a racing shoe great? It all comes down to the technology. Here are the key components that are driving the latest iteration of our record-breaking performance shoe – built for speed on the road.


Runners are already acquainted with the adizero range — the collection of race shoes built using elite race day technology to break records. Adidas designers, sports scientists and engineers built prototype after prototype in our Human Performance Lab, ultimately creating a supreme running flat that provides an intuitive connection to the athlete.

The adizero silhouette is in a constant state of evolution. Designing elite equipment was about digesting all our athlete feedback in incredible detail, breaking down every single component of the shoe, and looking at where we can refine, optimize and improve.

James Foster, Vice President Product at adidas Running


At adidas, the goal is to continuously improve our adizero range to deliver elite marathon performances, helping athletes run as fast as humanly possible. The current collection takes the next step in redefining technologies by delivering silhouettes that are lighter than its predecessors, with upgraded transitions and toe offs. The key breakthrough tech combination behind the collection’s latest evolution is the soft foam LIGHTSTRIKE PRO midsole and the ENERGYRODS structure. Separately, here’s how they work:



"The overall weight of a marathon shoe is critical," explains Robbie Paterson, Manager of Footwear Development for Elite Racing Product Creation & Innovation at adidas Running. That’s precisely why the LIGHTSTRIKE PRO midsole is even lighter than the previous iteration, as every gram counts. The revamped construction of this comfortable, super lightweight midsole features two layers of foam and resilient cushioning, designed to limit energy loss.

With the new and improved foam composition, runner’s muscles can recover even faster after race day. The highly absorbent properties are designed to compress the exerted energy and return it back to the athlete. "There's a uniform compound throughout the entire midsole — no matter where you land, you get more out of your effort," adds Nicholas Roché, Global Product Manager for adizero & Elite Racing Footwear at adidas Running.



Modified from the previous iteration, ENERGYRODS have been engineered to mirror the metatarsal bones of an athletes’ foot. The five tuned carbon-infused rods are designed to create a more anatomical driven transition by adding an extra layer of support and stability with the aim of helping athletes run as fast as possible.

"They’re nestled in between the LIGHTSTRIKE PRO midsole," describes Nicholas. 5-6mm thick and covering the surface area from the toe through the midfoot, each rod aims to conform to the foot as it strikes the ground. The goal is to deliver dynamic flexibility and increased stiffness in the toe off for a feeling of responsiveness. Ultimately, this activates the larger muscles (the gastrocnemius and gluteus maximus), aiming to allow runners to expend less energy with better results.

Speaking to the evolution of the midsole, Robbie says: "It doesn’t matter if a runner lands on the rearfoot, the midfoot or the forefoot, the ENERGYRODS are designed to adapt to their gait cycle to essentially provide the most efficient, optimal running pattern."


Since stepping into the adizero Adios Pro last year, I ran my fastest ever time and broke world records in the process. I’ve been working closely with the adidas running team to identify areas that we can refine to help improve the new shoe. Developing a product that gives me the confidence and performance I need to do it all over again in 2021.

Peres Jepchirchir, Kenyan Half-Marathon World Record Holder

In summer 2021, some of the world’s fastest athletes are set to lace up a pair of adizero racing flats and compete, including Peres Jepchirchir, Joyciline Jepkosgie, Kibiwott Kandie and Abel Kipchumba. Will you join them?


adidas / Juli 2021