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Zip up hoodies

The adidas range of zip up hoodies is exactly what you need to add warmth and style to your wardrobe in cold weather. The adidas zip up hoodies have been designed with all types of athletes and sports enthusiasts in mind, whether you’re relaxing and spending time with friends, working out in the gym, hiking, running or enjoying winter sports. adidas has taken into account a whole range of requirements and weather conditions with the design of this range of zip up hoodies. You’ll find hoodies made from Pertex® Equilibrium fabric which is water repellent and wicks moisture, as well as hoodies in snug cotton/polyester fleece mix or lightweight 100% nylon. There’s something here for every wardrobe, men, women and children alike.

Add sporty style to your look and keep warm

Select a garment from the range of adidas zip up hoodies and give a touch of class to your look as well as boosting your performance. The innovative designs of the zip up hoodies manage to incorporate practicality as well as comfort and style, and adding one of these to your exercise or casual wardrobe can only improve your street cred. Trail runners and hikers, pick up a lightweight fleece made in recycled polyester to act as an under-layer, keeping you dry while still allowing moisture to escape. A water repellent windbreaker hoodie over the top of this will keep out the wind and rain. Sports fans spending time in the stands as your favourite team plays, or indeed playing a sport outdoors, choose a zip up hoodie that will keep the warmth in and the cold out. The iconic zip up hoodie, with a lined hood, high neckline and thumbholes in the cuffs, is made from 80% cotton with polyester and is designed to be functional while still embracing the trendy adidas look.

Zip Up Hoodies Frequently Asked Questions

These are usually known as zip-up hoodies, or zipper hoodies.
Hoodies with zips allow you to adjust the way that you wear your hoodie in an instant. For example, say it’s cold outside when you go for a run – you might want to zip up to keep warm. Later, once you’ve warmed up, you might decide you’d be more comfortable with it unzipped half-way to let more air in.
Your hoodie should fit loose enough to allow you to wear additional layers underneath, but also be small enough to fit a coat or similar over the top if it gets really cold.