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Zip pocket hoodies are the ideal choice if you live an active life and want a comfortable garment that you can also carry your essentials in. Whether that’s car keys, a mid-morning snack, headphones or anything else, you’re sure to find adidas’s range of hoodies with zip pockets an invaluable part of your active daily life. Choose designs from some of our top collections, including Clima, RDY and adicolor. Kids meanwhile will find our hoodies with bright colours appealing. Our hooded sweaters with zip pockets are available in a selection of materials that are well-suited to active comfort, including cotton, fleece, recycled polyester and nylon. You’ll also find zipped pocket hoodies that are water-repellent, lightweight and contain a host of special features, so you can make the most of your day.
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Zip Pockets Hoodies Frequently Asked Questions

Zip-pocket hoodies are a good choice if you like to carry things around with you when you’re out and about and you lack pockets in your other clothes. They will allow you to keep your belongings close to you when you’re training, rather than leaving them elsewhere and being concerned about their safety.
No, not all hoodies have pockets. Some have a different style of pocket known as a kangaroo pocket because it forms a pouch at the front of the hoodie with two open ends rather than a traditional-style zip-up pocket.
Zip-pockets are relatively secure, because they will be close to you at all times and are closed to the outside world. The zip can prevent items from falling out when you’re active, such as if you’re running or skating. Zip-pocket hoodies also provide some deterrence against thieves, though are obviously not entirely theft-proof and you should always remain vigilant.