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Get the best out of winter sports with our winter trainers

Male and female athletes will get the full benefit of adidas advanced technology with our excellent range of winter training shoes. With the classic 3-Stripes identifying them as your brand of choice, these designs offer the very latest technology as well as the highest quality design, construction and materials. Whichever style you choose, you'll be getting dependable footwear that supports your performance in every workout, whether indoors or outdoors.

Nylon uppers that flex around your feet and put a spring in your step

The ballistic nylon uppers in our winter trainers help to dispense with water and snow, whether you're pounding the city pavements or enjoying a run out in the countryside. adidas winter trainers will put a little extra spring in your step too. They have an energising reverberation effect, with cushioning that absorbs the energy of your stride and bounces it back to you a little as you lift your feet. You won't have to worry about traction either, as the soles of these shoes are designed to give you optimal grip in wet conditions, while maintaining a sense of firm contact with the ground, so that you'll feel secure and have the confidence to push hard when you're exercising.

Rugged outdoor trainers for rough terrain

Our TERREX range of winter trainers features GORE-TEX® technology, making these designs simultaneously waterproof and breathable. The midsoles in these shoes have been designed to work like flexible socks that cradle and support your feet, especially when you're moving over rough and undulating terrain. These are your perfect companions for trail running. TPU toe caps and heel pulls also make them easy to get off when you need to do so quickly, such as at a changeover in a triathlon. Wear them with pride, and give your performance a boost.

Winter Trainers Frequently Asked Questions

When winter hits, you should make sure that you have trainers that are suitable for the season. Winter trainers which provide full coverage around your ankle and are made from thick material are the best for keeping you warm. Make sure you wear trainers that have a warm inner lining, and which aren’t likely to let water in.
Yes, as long as they are warm and insulated.
Winterised trainers are footwear that has been treated and prepared for the harsher weather and surface conditions that winter generally brings. This usually includes the application of a water-proof or water-repellent coating, multi-layer insulation and other features to provide enhanced climate protection for your feet.