Our windbreaker jackets for men, women and children make dealing with challenging conditions a breeze. If you're looking for high-performance, attractive and comfortable windbreakers that live up to the hype, you're in the right place. Our half- and full-zip designs in comfortable fits are perfect for your next outdoor exercise class or training session. From now on, nothing needs get in the way of your plans. The adidas range offers performance windbreakers created using advanced woven fabric that blocks out the elements to keep you comfortable. Opt for breathable styles to prevent overheating or insulated designs if you're planning a cold-weather adventure. Windbreaker jackets are the perfect out-and-about choice for the weekend or trips away when the weather threatens to spoil your fun. You'll love their cool look and comfy fit.
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Battle the elements with our windbreakers and windbreaker jackets

Here at adidas we create garments to help you tackle all weather conditions. Our selection of windbreakers and windbreaker jackets has been designed for those blustery days when you still want to be active outdoors. A lot of our jackets come in a stowaway style, making them an easy travel companion. They have been designed using the latest technology to keep the wind at bay, boasting a lightweight design yet strong woven fabric that ensures durability and comfort. Our windbreakers and windbreaker jackets make cool-weather training more comfortable and effective.

Don’t let the wind stop you from achieving your goals

The elements can be a difficult hurdle to overcome when it comes to achieving our fitness goals, but our windbreaker jackets ensure that the wind won’t get in the way. They’ve been designed to act as a shield against the elements, giving you greater comfort and flexibility while outdoors. They’re also very lightweight and easy to store, so they will never get in your way. Helping you to perform at your best whatever the weather, our jackets have been designed with sheer convenience and durability in mind.

Choose a style from our windbreaker jackets that represents you

When looking for the best windbreaker jacket for you, we certainly recommend taking a look at all of the different designs and styles available. We’ve ensured there’s something in the range for everyone, from oversized windbreakers to more fitted designs. Some of our windbreakers have a drawcord on the waist, enabling you to play with the exaggerated shape. You can also select anything from classic adidas designs to more vibrant and eye-catching colours and styles. To make the most of these windbreakers, you also need to shop with the conditions in mind, whether you like to run on the beach or are searching for a good commuting jacket for the blustery city.

Windbreakers Frequently Asked Questions

In the adidas range, the two terms are often interchangeable. However, the term ‘windbreakers’ also covers adidas half or quarter zip style windbreaker tops, while a windbreaker jacket would tend to have a full zip opening.
Windbreakers are called that because their purpose is to block out the wind. To ‘break’ it with touch wind-resistant materials so that you are comfortable when you exercise outdoors. They also may not have a full zip opening.
It depends on your needs. An adidas windbreaker is a good choice if you need a lightweight item to wear on your top half when setting off in windy weather.