White · Trackpants


White tracksuit bottoms

The adidas collection of white tracksuit bottoms is perfect for tennis enthusiasts, gym goers or anyone who just wants to kick back in style. Made from materials such as recycled yarn this sustainable outerwear is perfect for the eco conscious shopper. These bottoms feature elasticated waists and cuffs so you'll love the fit, look and comfort of the trouser. They’re lightweight and easy to wear, making them a real gym kit essential.

Wear it with other adidas products

Simply team these white bottoms with one of our plain or graphic tees, then throw on a tracksuit top with a pair of trainers and you’ll have a complete, stylish workout outfit. Everyone knows that the warm up is a key part of any workout or pre-game routine so wear these white tracksuit bottoms during your warm up to help you prepare for what lies ahead in style.

Materials and features

Elongated ankle zips make these white tracksuit bottoms easy and quick to slip off your shoes once it is game time. Our products are made from breathable materials which keeps you comfortable and dry during your workout. You will find our tracksuit bottoms are the perfect balance between a loose and snug fit. Bring sophisticated style to the court in this wonderful, sporty attire. adidas athletes will love the comfort and practicality of these white tracksuit bottoms which can be worn time and time again, year after year in all types of weather. You'll be so impressed by their durability and quality. Keeping your body warm before a competition, particularly in cold weather, is essential in order to give a good performance and be warmed up properly, so these white tracksuits do the job nicely allowing you to get ready for competing and get your head in the game. A relaxed fit on your hips and thighs allows for roomy comfort. You'll enjoy relaxing and stretching in these snug white tracksuit bottoms.