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White socks

Everyone needs a few pairs of white socks. This humble staple of the wardrobe is so much more than just something you pull on without thinking. Aside from keeping your feet warm and dry, your white socks can also act like leg warmers when the weather is cold. Crew length socks end just under your calf muscles, providing warmth and coverage for your lower leg area and ankle. The white socks within the crew length range pair easily with any shoe and can be worn by both men and women, with casual and athletic shoes as well as men’s dress shoes and ladies’ boots. If you prefer your white socks to be higher up your legs, then white knee socks are just what you need. The white knee socks offer a snug fit, with protective arch and ankle compression for a secure fit. Made with flexible materials, adidas white socks follow your every movement as you dash about the court or sprint round the track. These snug-fitting and lightweight socks will keep your feet comfortable all day long. If you favour the ‘no-socks’ look, choose low cut no-show socks to keep your feet protected while still looking stylish.

The best white socks for your daily walk

You live an active life and you’re on the go the whole time. So when you’re looking for good walking socks, you want socks that are breathable, durable, and keep your feet at the right temperature. That’s why these adidas white socks come in cotton fabrics, polyester, elastane, and elastodiene materials, so you can find the sock which meets all your unique needs. And once you’ve found your perfect pair of white socks, the finishing touch is the iconic adidas logo, giving your appearance that classic sporty look - a style that is always appreciated.