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Trainers · Leather Upper

Leather trainers evoke quality and distinction, and the adidas range features many diverse styles, so you can find a pair that suits you. Encompassing everything from retro iconic silhouettes to cutting-edge fashion statements, our leather footwear range is available in all sizes for men, women and children. As well as a huge choice of lifestyle leather trainers for the street, you’ll find designs specifically for skateboarding, basketball, golf and many other sports. If you lead an active lifestyle, leather trainers are a great choice because they offer both comfort and durability. But you’re not limited to traditional black footwear as you might expect, as we’ve got shoes available in a huge spectrum of different colours, including brighter and darker hues.

Trainers Leather Upper Frequently Asked Questions

Some trainers are made of leather – often a leather upper combined with a synthetic sole – while other trainers are made entirely out of synthetic materials, rubber or canvas. Leather trainers will usually have a symbol either on the sole or on an inside tag which indicates this fact.
Leather can be a good material for trainers because it is particularly durable and may last far longer than footwear made out of other materials which are more likely to quickly degrade over time. Footwear made of leather also offers good flexibility and breathability, providing more comfort for your foot.
In America, most people will refer to them as leather sneakers, with the name coming from their relative lack of noise compared to shoes.