Tall · Sweatpants

Tall joggers are perfect for people with longer than average legs. Choose from a range of adidas jogging bottoms in attractive styles and a range of colours, including green, blue, purple and red that you can match with your favourite outfits. Whether you’re hitting the gym or lounging around at home, adidas’ tall sweatpants are the ideal fit you’ve been looking for, and you can customise their style further by opting for a regular, loose or slim-fitting pair. Our joggers for tall people have all the great features you’d expect – zip pockets for securing your valuables or mid-workout snack in, ankle zips for putting them on easier, breathable fabrics and more. But most importantly, they’re made with the long legs you need to find real comfort and style, so you look and feel confident in a pair of tall sweatpants.

Tall Sweatpants Frequently Asked Questions

Yes absolutely, they can help to accentuate your natural figure, and because they’re generally worn a little above the ankle there’s less worry if they come a little short. That said, with adidas’ range of tall jogging bottoms, you should be able to find trousers that fit like a dream.
No, while joggers are supposed to offer space to move, they’re not intended to be overly baggy, so stick to your usual size when buying a pair of tall jogging trousers.
Joggers are generally meant to finish around an inch or two above your shoes, so you’ll be able to see a bit of skin or sock. Tall joggers that are too long and cover the shoe can look unattractive and impede flexibility.