Tall · Jackets


Comprehensive protection with tall jackets

There’s nothing worse than dressing to stay comfortable outside and still returning home with a chill. That’s when the adidas range of tall men’s jackets and tall women’s jackets comes in to save the day. Featuring additional length along the body and sleeves that stretch sufficiently to the wrists, you’ll never have to worry about the elements again. The collection includes a diverse assortment of styles spanning from windbreakers to padded jackets and rain jackets to bomber jackets. No matter what climate you live in or how active you are each day, there’s a perfect tall jacket with your name on it.

Don’t be weighed down on the move

Take a step into the world of modern design and equip yourself with one of these lightweight tall jackets. Built with dynamic materials such as nylon, elastane and polyester, which are resistant to wear and rips, you’ll have a sturdy go-to jacket for all occasions. The light products let you get through your daily activities with less effort, whether that includes hitting the gym or the local shops. Water-repellent tall jacket models offer fantastic shelter in wet weather, with seam-sealed constructions and wind-blocking exterior layers that will make your life easier. Overhaul your outdoor gear and enjoy the instant performance improvements.

Blending style and convenience

The beauty of adidas tall jackets is not just their sleek exterior but also the subtle design features that can go unnoticed. Flexible shoulder inserts allow your arms to swing freely without restriction, while interior headphone channels keep the music playing when the rain sets in. There are collared and hooded models to choose from, with stand-up collar options evoking an old-school vibe and adjustable hoods providing complete coverage. Regardless of whether you’re leaning towards a tall waterproof jacket or a tall running jacket, the sport-inspired silhouettes make you look sharp. Zip up with confidence knowing you’ve got the length you’re after.