Sportswear collection

adidas Launch 2024 Spring Summer ZNE image

adidas Z.N.E. In the moment

Sportswear gets a new stance. The new adidas Z.N.E. collection brings the comfort of sportswear into everyday life, allowing you to stay present – wherever the moment takes you.

Relax – take a step back into your comfort zone

Sometimes, the world's expectations and endless stimulations can feel oppressive, and you’re often told to push yourself outside your comfort zone. But when you’re comfortable in yourself and in your own skin then you can face any challenge that comes your way. adidas’ Sportswear collection is intended to help give you the physical comfort and confidence you need to move through life firmly within your own comfort zone. Because when you’re comfortable being you, you can be truly creative, and that’s where the magic happens.

Feel at ease in your life with adidas athleisure

Being happy doesn’t have to mean endlessly putting yourself in uncomfortable situations, even if that’s what some would have you believe. Make your own comfort a priority instead and you'll soon find the real power that lies within, allowing you to move forward in life confidently. The Sportswear range contains a wide collection of clothing and footwear that embodies this philosophy, offering an extensive selection of athleisure clothes and activewear that take sports as their inspiration but are centred around the idea of living your life in comfort every day.

Be yourself and unlock your creativity

Our Sportswear collection is rooted in sport-style streetwear that draws on the best of sports fashion. Benefit from sporting technologies such as moisture-wicking fabrics and waterproof coatings, but applied to your everyday life, whether you’re hanging out with friends, chilling at home or going on a travel adventure. Everything is possible when you feel comfortable, and adidas’ athleisure is designed for optimal comfort. Unlock your potential in clothes that feel as good as they look, from warm hoodies to light flexible tracksuits and stylish t-shirts. Don’t let life make you feel rushed and under pressure, live it your own way and at your own pace with adidas activewear and athleisure clothes in the Sportswear range.