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Skateboarding · Clothing


Skate clothing

Get ready for your next skateboarding session with this collection of adidas skate clothing that includes apparel for every type of weather. From t-shirts and shorts that will keep you fresh in the heat of summer, to trousers and hoodies that will keep you warm when it gets cooler outside and water repellent jackets that will keep you dry in rainy weather, you are guaranteed to look and feel your best out on the ramps. Choose from a variety of cuts and colours and match your outfit to your personality, whether you prefer a more discrete style or one that screams your name and firmly declares your presence.

Supportive clothing at its best

The adidas collection of skate clothing has been designed to provide you with all the support you need for superior performance. This starts with the use of lightweight fabric to ensure you don’t have any extra weight to carry every time you jump, with breathable characteristics that allow airflow so that you can keep that feeling of freshness regardless of the weather. Special adidas technology is used to give some skate clothes a sweat-wicking ability, which means that you can stay dry as all the heat and sweat emanating from your body during your skateboarding session will be drawn away and evaporated.

Comfortable details

Rain, hail or shine, you can count on the skate clothing collection by adidas to offer you comfort and security. Drawcords around the waist in shorts and trousers or around the hood in jackets and hoodies give more stability and ensure a snug fit, while pockets give you the ability to carry a few essential items within easy reach. And for those times when riding your skateboard at night is necessary, skate clothing with reflective details ensures you are safe by making you more visible.