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Red bikinis

Imagine being on a beach with fine sand, crystal-clear water, and a large crowd blissfully enjoying the warmth of the sun and a refreshingly cool dip in the sea. Now, imagine wearing a red bikini that helps separate you from the rest of the crowd. If this is what you’re after, then our red bikinis are perfect for you. We have red bikinis that are specifically made for those who absolutely love the sun, sea, and sand. We make these premium-quality red bikinis using Infinitex Fitness Eco fabric that resists the harmful effects of chlorine on many kinds of fabric. The intense red colour of these bikinis will not wash out even if you use them at the pool, so you can perfect your stroke and enjoy the water as you please. What's more, the soft, ultra-flat fabric provides a body-hugging fit and comfort that are hard to match. The V-back finish, on the other hand, offers a sleek appeal that’s hard to miss. An inner drawcord at the bottom ensures a snug fit and easy size adjustment, while the adidas branding just below the under-bust band providess a sporty look.

We help care for the earth

Our bikini bottoms in red allow us to contribute to the global initiative of caring for the earth. We do this by creating our red bikinis from recycled nylons, which are turned into yarns that we use in manufacturing these swimwear products. This process allows us to minimise our factory emissions considerably, so our carbon footprint becomes significantly lower as well. In addition, using recycled materials in creating these bikinis lets us cut down on the bulk of fabrics and other resources in our manufacturing processes. With this, we guarantee that we maintain a high standard of green technology in producing our products.