Rain Jackets

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Rain Jackets Frequently Asked Questions

Not all raincoats are 100% waterproof, but you can get waterproof rain jackets that are seam-sealed to make them fully waterproof.
Waterproof ratings are given in mm, based on the amount of water the fabric can withstand during a test with a tube of water with a 1 inch diameter. Rain jackets with a rating between 0mm and 1,500mm are water resistant, 1,500mm to 5,000mm is enough to designate a jacket waterproof, while 10,000mm to 20,000mm are referred to as highly waterproof.
You may have a whole in it, or the limit of its waterproofing may have been reached. It’s also possible that the dampness you feel is caused by condensation from the cooling of hot air coming from your skin.

Find cover with adidas rain jackets

Let adidas keep you sheltered from the pouring rain with this collection of versatile rain jackets. Whether you’re weaving your way through the drizzly city, under siege from the elements on the training ground or hitting the slopes this winter, adidas has got you covered. From padded sporty styles to lightweight parkas and a whole load more, there’s no doubt you’ll find exactly what you need to stay dry and look sharp for any occasion.

Stay water-resistant in all endeavours

Across the entire range of adidas raincoats you’ll come across a variety of premium outdoor technologies to provide functionality where it matters most. Fully waterproof yet breathable and lightweight fabric makes getting around the city far less stressful on those warmer days when the heavens open up. Alternatively, choose a puffy, quilted adidas rain jacket for a cosier feel when you’re out in the country or coaching from the sidelines on a cold, wet day. You can also pick up ski and snowboard jackets ideal for cruising through the powder during the winter season. A durable raincoat is a vital accessory for a fast-paced urban lifestyle and beyond, so choose adidas when the clouds turn grey so you can stay focused and comfortable all day long.

A functional and stylish approach to a classic

Although it’s key for a rain jacket to keep you dry, you also need to look great in it. adidas rain jackets come in all sorts of cuts and styles. Go for a classic sports look or opt for gritty street style – either way, they feature an array of clever design elements to make life easier whilst staving off the rain. Sealed seams prevent all your essentials from getting damp, yet you can stay connected with built-in headphone channels. In unpredictable conditions you can make use of hands-free carry straps, allowing you to shed a layer without having to fully remove the rain jacket. Adjustable hoods let you wear your helmet hassle-free and athletic cuts provide unrestricted freedom of movement, perfect for the slopes or cycling in dangerous weather. No matter where you are or what you’re up to, you can be sure to find the ultimate fit for you among the adidas collection of premium rain jackets.