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Pullover Hoodies

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Hoodies, pullovers, and sweaters

Men, women and kids all love their hoodies, pullovers and sweaters. The wearable cosy blanket of the shirt world is a standard among active and practical people alike. But staying warm and hassle-free doesn’t have to be boring. With adidas hoodies, pullovers and sweaters you have choices that will help you make a statement that matches your personal approach to wardrobe essentials. Choose from classic pullover hoodies, long or cropped hoodies and sleeves that are long with ribbed cuffs, short sleeves or not even there sleeves. The choice of colours and prints doesn’t disappoint, as there is everything from white to black, pale yellow to deep purple, legacy colors, amazing embroidery, all-over prints, camouflage, Trefoils big and small and 3-Stripes pride in different directions – on the cuffs, down the sleeves, across the front and in subtle or audacious adidas fashion. If you want pockets, you can have them. Kangaroo pockets keep your hands warm and front pockets with flaps keep your stuff safe. The soft all-cotton fabrics not only feel good but help to improve cotton farming around the world because adidas partners with the Better Cotton Initiative.

Plush comfort every day

Your pullover is there for you when you need an extra layer because the boss won’t turn up the thermostat or you aren’t quite warmed up at the gym. Everyone keeps an extra hoodie, pullover or sweater nearby, in the car, in their gym bag or tossed over the back of a chair. It’s your go-to comfort, like your favorite blanket, only stylish and fun. Give off a contemporary vibe or do that '90s inspired retro thing you do, adidas can help you do it all with this fantastical selection of plush pullover hoodies, cropped hoodies, sleeveless hoodies in all the looks you love to match everything you own. After all, hoodies go with anything.

Life happens in hoodies

Everywhere you look, there are hoodies, pullovers and sweaters passing by, but yours is a standout because you’re rocking adidas spirit. It’s standard wear for your workout, indoors or out. It’s going with you to all of the places you go in your busy life. Hoodies, pullovers and sweaters by adidas keep you snug and stylish for whatever may come next.