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Get equipped with petite fashion

Champions come in all shapes and sizes, and the same is true of adidas apparel. With this collection of petite outfits, you can get everything you need for your next session—whether it’s light training or an intense workout—in your perfect size. Offering the same style, support and performance in smaller proportions, this selection of apparel gives you the very best adidas has to offer to suit your body style. Now there is nothing to stop you from giving your best.

Petite outfits: support your body type

When it comes to sports gear and activewear, the most important thing is finding equipment that is suited to your body. The best pair of trainers are no use if they are the wrong size, and the same is true for apparel. With the adidas petite collection, you can benefit from sportswear that has been specifically designed for smaller sizes. That means compression tights that are fully supportive, shorts that find the perfect fit for training or post-workout relaxation, and tops that are comfortable without restricting your body’s natural movements. Tracksuit sets are the perfect choice for both active days and streetwear style, and with this selection of petite outfits, you can be sure that you will find your favourite style in your perfect fit.

Additional sizing, same 3-Stripes style

Because adidas is for everyone, you can update your workout wardrobe with this selection of petite fashion. That means you can get apparel that works for you while also getting the best adidas style, combining the worlds of streetwear and sportswear for that iconic 3-Stripes look. From track jackets and leggings to tracksuits and sweatshirts, you can now get clothing that looks great, fits perfectly, and performs to the very highest levels. Update your look with the petite collection from adidas now.