Orange · Pants


Orange trousers, all the way

When you’re searching for reliable workout trousers, it can be hard to avoid going down the all-black route, out of convenience or maybe even habit. But think about it: top fitness experts recommend regularly shaking up your exercise routine, so you don’t get stuck in a rut – and we believe the same applies to your outfit. Think bold hues and classic lines that merge together to create a contemporary look to get you noticed in the best possible way. With soft fabrics and long-lasting colours, our orange trousers are made to lift your mood as well as your performance, helping you go all the way to the finish line.

Tailored to your needs

Your trousers, your rules. Want to do your bit for the planet? Opt for a long-lasting recycled polyester piece that will keep you warm in any situation. Need to know if a particular model has pockets? No problem – we try to list the details that make a difference to you, especially when it comes to picking the right pair of tracksuit bottoms. Our classic orange trousers are ideal for working up a sweat or lounging at home, whatever you feel like doing. Just pull them on and go, safe in the knowledge that we’ve got your back(side) covered in all situations.

Comfort and style for everyone

Why should the grown-ups have all the fun? Add a welcome splash of brightness to your kid’s outfit with a pair of adidas orange trousers. We always make sure the fit is just right – not too tight and not too loose, giving optimal coverage and freedom of movement, perfect for those afternoons at the park. Plus, the vibrant tones of our orange trousers make it extra easy to keep an eye on your child when you’re out and about.