MyShelter jackets and parkas

With MyShelter gear, you’ll be guaranteed protection from those stormy days regardless of where you’re running. An easy-to-stow hood and removable layers means no worrying about any impediments if the rain stops.

MyShelter fully waterproof running gear

There’s nothing worse than heading out on a daily run and being bombarded by the elements, trying to hit your peak while water runs through every crevice. Stick with the MyShelter jackets and parkas to stay dry during your workouts. MyShelter rain jackets incorporate a lightweight material with premium outdoor technologies that provide a completely waterproof product with a seam-sealed build that offers superior breathability while keeping the moisture at bay. The carry-strap design was created to offer easy ventilation that helps while you transition through different temperatures, and the high-collar design offers extra protection and additional defence against the elements.

Style and performance included with waterproof gear

Not only have these jackets and parkas been designed to keep moisture out and make sure you stay dry, but they’re also stylish and versatile. Take them out on a run with you during stormy days, or spend a day out sea fishing. If you’re stuck in a downpour at any point, you can be sure the MyShelter waterproof gear will keep you bone dry throughout. Front zip pockets with a headphones channel means you can keep your music blaring even during the worst conditions.

Look after your gear so your gear looks after you

To ensure your jacket or parka stays in tip-top shape, you’ll want to make sure you’re looking after it as intended, so you stay protected. Stick to a cold wash cycle while washing them and avoid tumble drying on high heat. Avoid bleach altogether and steer clear of dry cleaning. Tumble dry to reactivate waterproof properties and wash with the fasteners closed.