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Tell the time in style with the adidas men’s watches

Men’s watches play a huge part in a man’s outfit. It’s the one piece of jewellery a man has to get right before anything else. From the strap and the colour to the size of the watch head and the under-the-glass interior, everything matters when choosing your watch. Our range of men’s watches was engineered to serve men at work, men at workouts and men on their days off. Get a watch that features a silicone strap and polycarbonate case with silicone overmould as well as dual time, stopwatch, calendar and light functions. Wear the watch all day long and enjoy an experience that does not compare to anything you’ve had before. State of the art engineering, unmatched precision and looks that take your breath away.

The only thing that can beat time is a watch

When embarking on a journey to find the perfect watch, the variables are endless. How does it feel on your hand? How does it look? How long does it last? Will its look be relevant in a couple of years? Men’s watches by adidas were created to answer all of those questions and provide a product that’s elegant, refined and timeless. A watch that will become your entrusted partner, your perfect outfit accessory and the reason you’re always on time and on point. Stay relevant and stay fresh with our unparalleled range of watches.

A timepiece for the athlete, the gentleman, the man of today

Life comes at us fast and we often get lost in the whirlwind. Men’s watches by adidas were pieced together to provide the go-to solution for men who live life in the fast lane. The time of day, the occasion, the moment and the event might be different but what you need from your watch will never change. What you need is a watch that will be subtle yet make its presence felt, a watch that’ll tell time but make people around you lose track of time when they look at it. A watch for every outfit and all times of day.