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Long Sleeves

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adidas long sleeve tops for sport and street

There are hundreds of models in the adidas long sleeve tops range and they are all the fruit of that famous adidas passion for quality, style, and performance. Those are things adidas long sleeve tops have in common but there are differences between them, too.

Tops for training and competition

Some of the long sleeve tops are designed for serious sportsmen and women such as long sleeve t-shirts for training, made of a high-tech, breathable fabric to manage body temperature and avoid overheating or chills from surface sweating, created with a body-hugging cut to offer muscle support through calibrated compression, plus UV protection. There are specialised long sleeve running tops made of lightweight, stretchy, moisture-wicking, reflective fabric and replete with small but vital details such as thumbholes in the cuffs to prevent the sleeves from riding up, pre-shaped elbows to allow a natural arm swing, and a drop tail hem for extra coverage.

adidas long sleeve tops for fashion and leisure

A sporty vibe informs the more relaxed long sleeve tops, designed to meet the demands of that elusive smart-casual look. Some tops are based on heritage styles and manufactured from soft, stretchy cotton jersey with a touch of elastane to keep the shape crisp and taut, others are made of 100% cotton, and all have an iteration of the 3-Stripes livery and the Trefoil logo to reinforce the authenticity of the adidas provenance. Not all the tops channel an understated minimalism however, there are also flamboyant, colourful patterns to choose from, including a stunning mash-up of leopard spots and zebra stripes, and a collaboration with a world-famous fashion icon has produced an innovative and revealing ‘slashed shell’ design, while referencing the world of dance has allowed our team to come up with a striking cropped top with bold, double linear Trefoil logos.