Kids NMD Shoes and Trainers


Let your child move in style with kids’ NMD trainers

Most kids love a cool pair of trainers, and if you want to combine style with comfort then look no further than the kids’ NMD adidas collection. These trainers are all about balance and mix the modern with the vintage perfectly, combining the best of the latest technology with a classic look. Not only will they love the look of their new trainers, your kids will go crazy over the selection of styles and colours, which range from simple blacks or whites to the addition of spots of colours around the sole or fully bright styles that will have them jumping with joy.

NMD kids’ trainers for maximum comfort and support

Each pair of NMD trainers for kids has been designed to ensure your child the best support as they run around on the playground or in exercise class. The outsole is built using durable rubber that has optimal grip on most surfaces and in wet weather, while the inside uses lightweight EVA for cushioning to protect your child’s foot from shock. And if you want to give your kid the ability to make the most out of their time outside, look for kids’ NMD shoes that have an in-built responsive midsole that will help save their unused energy and then release it when they seem to be running out.

Choose comfort, choose style, choose NMD

Choosing a pair of kids’ NMD shoes that are adapted to your child’s unique needs gives them the additional confidence to shine. Look for details such as the upper, built with knit for a more flexible shoe and superior breathability, or the closure, such as laces, which give them more control over how the shoe fits, while a pair with reflective details will give them superior visibility in low light conditions.