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Wool hats & headwear

Whether it’s protecting your head from the cold or from the scorching rays of the sun, we’ve got you covered. The adidas range of woollen hats and headwear protects you from the elements and promises comfort. The world-class fabric technology ensures a cool and dry experience even on the hottest day of the summer. A completely different technology is used specifically for chilly days to keep you warm and cosy at all times. The elegant touch in this durable range of adidas headwear makes it all the more stylish and helps you up your fashion game by a notch.

Choosing the best adidas headwear

Whether you want one for lakeside leisure or your morning run on chilly winter days, you can pick the right piece for you from this adidas range of wool hats. The design process kept your individual requirements and the daily challenges you face in mind, and we at adidas came up with this product range to help you style yourself from head to toe while feeling comfortable from top to bottom. The adidas range of wool hats and headwear features a lot of functionality while giving you an authentic and fashionable look and keeping you cosy throughout the day. The breathable and stretchable material makes it the perfect fit for all your endeavours – you can wear a cap for your next outdoor tennis match or to baseball practice in winter. Style an adidas wool hat while going out for your morning run or even in a casual setting for a day out with your friends. You can wear it on the street, in the playground, at home or in the stadium. Offering unparalleled comfort and design, add the finishing touch to your wardrobe and style yourself with the adidas range of wool hats and headwear.