Enhance your performance with the exquisite adidas range of Forum trainers. Lightweight materials promote natural movements, stretchy materials improve comfort during activities, whilst a reinforced toe box protects your feet.
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Get the status you deserve with the Forum collection

Since 1984, the Forum collection has inspired both on and off the court. Not only the go-to trainer for basketball, its evolution saw it become a status symbol on the streets. Offering both high-top and low-top designs, along with advanced technology to enhance the feel of the shoe, the collection allows you to express your style and remain comfortable for longer. A lightweight design ensures that you aren’t weighed down when you're on the court. Stretchy materials enhance comfort and also offer support to your feet. A reinforced toe box provides protection to your feet. A polyamide netting on the midsole helps reduce leg fatigue so you last the duration.

The adidas Forum range is more than just a shoe

The adidas Forum was the flagship basketball trainer designed to offer style and substance when on the court. Since its inception in the 80's, it’s become more than just a shoe. The Forum has developed into a status symbol, a form of self-expression and a must have for any fashionista. Coming in a range of sizes for men, women and children, it’s a shoe which is suitable for all. With designs and colours offering plain and bold choices, such as adidas Forum green, you can dress to impress or simply keep it casual. Choose between hook-and-loop closure or lace closure so how you wear your shoe is up to you.

Iconic adidas trainers made for the future

The Forum collection from adidas isn’t just a shoe that offers heritage and status. We use a range of sustainable practises, such as using recycled materials, to ensure that these iconic trainers are made sustainably. We are also part of The Better Cotton Initiative which makes cotton production a better industry for those working in it. You can do your part for the environment too by making your shoe last longer. Remove dirt, wipe down with a warm cloth and mild detergent and then leave to dry at room temperature.