Fleece Sweatshirts

Fleece sweatshirts from adidas combine form and function into a package that is warm, stylish and supremely comfortable. With a wide variety of styles to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect sweatshirt to suit your life and the activities you take part in on a daily basis. As well as everyday designs for hanging about with friends or popping to the shops, we’ve got fleece tops that are made to keep you warm and comfy while hiking. Choose from a wide range of sizes for men and women, covering our Terrex and Originals collections. You can also customise your fleece jacket further by opting for a slim, loose or regular fit. Want a truly versatile option that’s great for travelling light? Check out our selection of reversible fleece sweatshirts that give you something different when you need it.

Fleece sweatshirts ideal for sport or everyday living

Whether you want to relax in style or take part in your favourite sport, adidas has the answer with its range of fleece sweatshirts. Each one is individual, distinctive and designed to keep you warm, comfortable and free enough to hit that long drive or get stuck into a hard training session. These designs are smart as well, which means that not only can these sweatshirts be worn on the sports field, they'll look stylish when you're out with friends too. Tired and exhilarated from a tough workout? Then throw on a fleece sweatshirt and keep warm while your body cools in comfort. Ribbed cuffs and necklines help keep out the cold and a corded waist draws in the shirt to help maintain core warmth.

Sweatshirts to train, play and lounge in

Styles include the simple, straight and loose sweater design of the golf sweatshirt. With its lightweight breathable material, this sweatshirt will keep you cool when it’s hot out but also cosy on those sharp cold mornings on the links or the training ground. When winter really sets in, try on a hoodie-style fleece. Head warm, you will be free to exercise, train and play and still retain that sharp sports look.

Fleeces for every fashion-forward style

adidas fleece sweatshirts look good on men and women and on the fashion-conscious youth who wants to be an individual in the playground or out with friends. Sweatshirts for the younger age group boast bright colors and patterns and big logos designed to make a statement. For the adult, there are cooler colors and designs. The secret ingredient in the fleece sweatshirt is its polyester and cotton mix. Better still, adidas fleece sweatshirts are environmentally friendly because they are made with recycled polyester. adidas is a partner of the Better Cotton project, which means that the cotton in adidas sweatshirts are supplied by farmers who benefit from the initiative.

Fleece Sweatshirts Frequently Asked Questions

The primary difference between sweatshirts and fleece sweatshirts is the material they’re made from. While other sweatshirts may be made from cotton or French Terry, they’re produced using fleece – a synthetic fabric that offers exceptional insulating qualities.
Yes, sweatshirts made of fleece are very warm because the fleece fabric locks in body heat and prevents cold air from entering. They are however also lightweight when compared to other options, making them a great choice for staying warm and active during outdoor sports or hiking.
Your sweatshirt should generally be loose enough so you can wear base layers underneath it, but also not too baggy so you can wear a coat over it if the weather gets particularly cold. Personal preference is also a factor obviously, and you can choose from regular, loose and slim-fit fleece sweatshirts.