Brown · Bags


Brown bags that are as fashionable as they are practical

Be in control of your day with a practical bag that can carry everything you need. The adidas range of brown bags delivers versatility and convenience with high-quality materials that offer long-term durability. Polyester fabrics ensure your items stay dry on the inside while delivering a sophisticated, textured look on the exterior. Opt for nylon weave if you’re looking for a lightweight option as this sturdy material holds much more than you’d expect. This range of brown bags takes inspiration from adidas’ athletic heritage with sleek, sporty lines. The collection also offers contemporary designs that are equally appropriate in the office and the gym.

Choose the bag that fits your lifestyle

The adidas range of brown bags features a variety of shapes and sizes, enabling you to pick the perfect fit. Included in the collection are bum bags, backpacks, tote bags, duffel bags and top loaders. Designs range from pack-down sizes that hold just the bare essentials to commuter packs with volumes greater than 40L. You’ll also find a strap system to suit every preference. Choose from the traditional double shoulder strap, carry handles or around-the-waist convenience. Styles feature adjustable straps so that you can tailor the brown bag to sit exactly where you want it to as well. Padded straps also ensure there’s a comfy cushion between you and the load, while convertible designs let you transform your carry bag into a conventional backpack.

It’s all in the pocket

The wide variety of options in this collection lets you pick the design features that are most important and convenient for you, whether that’s sliding your phone and keys into a side pocket or opening up a large compartment. Zip pockets provide peace of mind and quick closing, while buckle clips keep everything locked down. Mesh outer pockets offer lightweight practicality and are great if you’re constantly on the move. Durable and extremely function, adidas brown bags will fulfil your every need.