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Beach · Accessories

adidas Towel Small
persistar comfort unmirrored swim goggle
SOUL CAP Adult Volume Cap
Branded Must-Have Towel
persistar 180 mirrored swim goggle
Fabric Swim Cap
Adizero XX Unmirrored Competition Swim Goggles
persistar fit unmirrored swim goggle
persistar 180 unmirrored swim goggle
persistar fit mirrored swim goggle
persistar fit unmirrored swim goggle
SOUL CAP Junior Volume Cap
SOUL CAP Adult Regular Cap
SOUL CAP Junior Regular Cap
Fabric Swim Cap
Persistar 180 Unmirrored Goggles
Adizero XX Competition Silicone Swim Cap

Beach accessories for a fun day in the sun

Head to the beach prepared, with this selection of beach accessories by adidas which includes everything you might need for an easy and pleasant day out in the sun. Stay dry by choosing one of the adidas swim towels which come in a large size with fun graphics, while in-water accessories include colourful swim caps that will keep your hair in place or swim goggles that will protect your eyes and help you see under water. Don’t forget to select one of the swim bags to easily transport all your beach accessories and swim gear to and from the beach.

Greater comfort through superior technologies

The adidas selection of beach accessories will ensure your comfort through superior designs and technologies that have been incorporated into each style. Goggle lenses are constructed with moulded silicone which will comfortably seal around your eyes to keep the water from coming in, while the nosepiece will adapt to your nose in order to provide the perfect fit. When it comes to swim caps, a silicone style will provide a more secure fit and is water resistant, while a soft fabric style will be softer to take on and off and will be kept secure through an elastic band. As for towels, their quick-drying properties will ensure you stay dry and safe from moisture after your dip.

A better fit for added relief

When choosing beach accessories from adidas, you are guaranteed superior relief through the addition of useful and practical details to each style. The use of mesh fabric for beach bags increases airflow and ensures your stored swim gear can dry quickly, while goggles with an ANTIFOG finish will give you clear and wide vision at all times. And if you wear prescription glasses, you will be able to order your very own prescription lenses for a personalised pair of goggles.